Welcome to OK.GOP—Where the Convo Gets Real.

Tired of the same ol’ partisan parroting, echoing in the hollow halls of the GOP? So are we. That’s why OK.GOP aims to blow the dust off the outdated record player and put on a track that’s got groove, got meaning. Our mission is to reexamine, redefine, and most importantly, reignite the values and aims of the Grand Old Party. Because let’s face it, it ain’t so grand when it’s stuck in the past.

What Do We Stand For? Good Fucking Question.

The GOP’s been busy saying “no,” like a toddler in a high chair flinging peas. We’re here to ask, “OK, GOP; what are we saying ‘yes’ to?” Without a platform, we’re like a dive bar without a dart board—pointless. That’s why we’re throwing down the gauntlet to you, you beautiful hodgepodge of citizens, to chime in on what conservatism should mean in 2023. It’s a think tank, but the tank’s filled with freedom, y’all.

Inclusion, Not Exclusion—Including the Ladies.

Look, if we’re preaching about freedom and autonomy, then we’d better extend that to everyone, and that means recognizing the bodily sovereignty of women. It’s 2023, folks. The abortion debate needs a new lens, one that respects choice and individual liberty. So saddle up, because OK.GOP is challenging you to redefine conservative values in a way that respects and includes everyone, not just the dudes in suits.

So come on in, the water’s fine—actually, it’s fucking invigorating. Let’s take the Grand Old Party and make it a Grand New Gathering. Cheers to finding out what we stand for together!