Election Results: Healthfully Skeptic Acceptance

September 19 2023 | Editorial                         Poll & Discussion

It's imporant to be skeptical, but even more important to be accepting.

Intro: The Mirage of Massive Fraud

Greetings, you savvy sons of democracy! Let’s shoot the bull about election integrity, a topic that’s stirred up more division than a pool shark at a local tavern. We gotta face facts: while some folks in the GOP are crying wolf about widespread election fraud, the reality is that those wolves are more like puppies—present but hardly menacing.

Accept the Math, Accept the Truth

Look, elections are a numbers game. When the tallies are in and the recounts are recounted, we gotta trust the math. The bean counters—those underappreciated, overworked election officials—aren’t part of some grand conspiracy. They’re like that bartender meticulously measuring out each pour: accuracy is their bread and butter.

Questioning Results: A Double-Edged Sword

Questioning results isn’t inherently evil; it’s as American as apple pie and conspiracy theories. But here’s the catch: overzealous skepticism can lead to distrust, cynicism, and a party that’s about as cohesive as oil and water. Do we really wanna be the chucklefucks who can’t even agree on basic facts?

The Cost of Crying Wolf

Every time you shout “Fraud!” without evidence, you’re doing more than just making noise—you’re chipping away at the bedrock of democracy. Remember Aesop’s fable? Keep crying wolf, and when a real issue comes up, no one’s gonna give a rat’s ass.

Systems Are In Place, Use ‘Em

We’ve got procedures, checks, and audits out the wazoo. The system’s designed with enough fail-safes to make a Swiss Army knife look like child’s play. Instead of casting shade, why not utilize these systems to validate election outcomes?

It’s Not Just About Us, Hoopleheads

World’s watching, folks. Every time we squabble about our own election integrity, it weakens our stance on the global stage. How can we preach about fair elections abroad if we’re casting doubts on our own process?

Erosion of Voter Turnout

If you’re busy telling your party that their votes don’t matter because it’s all rigged, guess what? They’ll stay home, and then you’re up shit creek without a paddle. You’re eroding your own base. Counterproductive, no?

Dooming the Down-Ticket

This ain’t just about the big chair, friends. Undermining faith in elections impacts local races too—school boards, sheriffs, judges, you name it. You wanna lose ground on the home front?

Being Wary: The Responsible Way

Alright, let’s pivot. It’s not all black and white. Skepticism isn’t a sin; it’s a tool. Being wary keeps everyone on their toes, makes sure they’re not cutting corners like a drunk driver on a mountain road. So, by all means, be vigilant.

Safeguards: They’re There for a Reason

When shit does go sideways, the system has safeguards. It’s like having a bouncer at the bar; if someone’s causing a ruckus, they’ll get tossed. But let’s not confuse the bouncer doing their job with the idea that the whole joint is lawless.

A Call for Unity: Trust but Verify‽

So what’s the moral here? Trust but verify, as an old cowboy once said. Accept the math, question the process within reason, and for the love of all things holy, come together to make the GOP a force to be reckoned with.

Conclusion: The Way Forward

The bottom line, compadres, is this: rejecting reality and sowing division is a dead-end street. But a little healthy skepticism? That’s the ticket to a party that stands for something solid. So let’s cut the crap, come together, and get this elephant back on the road.