September 27, 2023

The Dope On Cannabis 

OK, GOP; what are we doing here?

Hey there, folks! Welcome to OK.GOP, where we’re not just askin’ “OK, GOP; what are we doing here?” We’re yellin’ it from the rafters like a karaoke king belting out Sinatra. You see, the Grand Old Party’s gotten real good at being the champion of “no.” No to this, no to that, but what the hell are we saying “yes” to? The GOP has become that grumpy barfly who hates every song on the jukebox but never puts a dime in to choose his own tunes.

Look, it’s 2023, and the GOP still doesn’t have a solid platform—unless you count wishy-washy as a building material. The times are a-changin’, and maybe the conservative folks of today aren’t sipping from the same ideological flask as their forebears. So, how ’bout we have a real chinwag about what being “conservative” means these days? A party without a platform is like a bar without booze: a damn waste of space.

And while we’re reshuffling the ideological deck, can we please talk about the bodily sovereignty of women? I mean, come on! If we’re all about individual freedoms and less government intervention, then let’s not pussyfoot around the issue of abortion. It’s high time the GOP took a hard look in the mirror, scrubbed off the outdated makeup, and showed up fresh-faced, ready to tackle the needs and rights of everyone. So pour yourself a glass of something strong, and let’s figure this out together. Cheers!

-Rob Gryder | Editor At-Large